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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  September 5, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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we know the brothers are in it for the money. what's she in it for? [footsteps approach] where the hell have you been? i've been looking for an escape route. there isn't one. so much for your no back doors, no surprises plan. you screwed us. [telephone rings] then why don't you negotiate a way out of here already? [ring] [ring] what? how do you want to end this, chris? i want out of here. how do you propose to do that? i want an armored truck and a plane with a clear flight path to switzerland. no, no, no. chad. we want to go to chad. yeah. no agents with guns this time. we'll fly ourselves. don't do that again. i'm in charge here. huh.
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ok, so what's the significance of chad? a 2008 coup attempt plunged them into political instability. they're currently in the middle of a civil war. there's gotta be more to it than that. our ghost wants to go to chad. i'm figuring you're my best chance of finding out why. chad? that's an odd choice. they're not exactly hospitable this time of year. they said they could fly themselves there. nothing suggests that chris would have that ability, so she must. hmm. well, unfortunately, interpol doesn't have many assets in that particular region in africa. maybe that's something that you could help me with when this is over. work for interpol again? that'll be the day. not work, darling. run. you see, i've been promoted. so, the team's yours whenever you want it. it's a hell of a time to bring that up. well, you know, in our line of work, there's never a good time. think about it. please? you find me a connection i can use and maybe we'll discuss it.
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[indistinct radio communication] the fbi's making good on its promise. we'll be out of here soon. we're taking him with us. these guys were too good to get caught, so why did they? 911 received a call alerting them to a robbery in progress. garcia: actually, it was a text. d.c. added 911 messaging after the virginia tech students texts went unanswered during the massacre. can you trace it, garcia? yeah. that message was sent from a cell phone that is currently inside the bank and is registered to a larry phillips jr. why does that name sound familiar? that's the name of one of the gunmen from the '97 north hollywood bank shootout in california. so this is an homage? garcia: guys, that text was sent 30 seconds before they blacked out the security feeds for entry. how is that possible? it didn't come from a hostage. it came from one of the robbers.
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yeah, you want to get up off the floor? i do. okay. vo: from the new to the hard-to-find: when it's on your mind it's on ebay™. [siren] there's no clear line of sight to the vault. no, but if we come in, that's where they'll go. we need to be ready for it. garcia caught us up. why instigate a hostage situation? what's a narcissist without attention? she thrives on it. she must have something bigger in mind. we need to separate chris and the female to find out what that is. it's not going to be hard. they're already on edge. it's more than the media outlets, sir. anonymous international entities are hacking the feeds as well. [cell phone rings] [turns off cell] you were saying? i was tagging i.p. addresses and someone hacked the surveillance cameras at 7 a.m. this morning. was that how they shut down the cameras for entry? so, sir. this is an entirely different hack, one that's still receiving. somebody else is watching. who?
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whoever it is she's dressing up for. i thought that was for the media. the media didn't have eyes inside before today. but she dresses up every time. because someone is always watching. her real partner, a fourth unsub. i doubt if she was forthcoming about this other partner to chris. i think it's time we bring chris up to speed. you know my favorite card in poker, chris? what's that? the wild card. i don't believe in wild cards. they dumb down the game. well, i couldn't agree with you more, but, uh, in this case, you're the one that's dumb. this your new negotiation tactic, insulting me? oh, it's not a tactic. it's a fact. didn't you wonder why you got caught, what went wrong when you did everything right? we got a message from someone in the bank before you started shooting. impossible. now, i know it wasn't you, and i'm hoping it wasn't your brother. so, who does that leave? you're lying. ask her.
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did you call the police? [chuckles] is that what they're telling you? rossi: that's not an answer. of course not. what do you think? they're trying to turn us against one another. why would you even do that? olly's dead 'cause of that. i wouldn't. i'm trapped here, too. are you lying to me? we've come too far for you to start doubting me now. lost too much. hey. hey... don't let them tear us apart right as we're about to win. if you do that, olly's death won't mean anything. enough. i'm done talking to you. i want to talk to someone who won't jerk me around face to face. no more feds. i want to talk to the cop who shot my brother.
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no. no, forget it. jj, if it means we can end this... what makes you think he won't shoot you the minute you walk inside? look, he wants out of there just as much as we want him out. it's not happening. forget it. there's no guarantee he won't retaliate for the death of his brother. i know you'd do it if you were me. will, i get what you're feeling, but you are too close to this case to make that call. you're damn right i'm close. 4 people are dead because i shot his brother. and no one else needs to die 'cause of what i did. this isn't about you. risking your life won't bring them back. sorry, will. where's that cop, huh? i ain't got all day. what you're asking is difficult. well, i'll make it easy. send in the cop, i'll let a couple hostages go. a sign of good faith. isn't that what you said? releasing the hostages is a great first step in resolving this conflict, but we can't send someone else in to be killed. this ain't a friggin' debate.
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come on, bud. let's go! pick up the phone. why? pick up the phone! hello? tell him your name. it's... it's shawn harper. [screaming] ucch. you just killed shawn harper. not me, you. i'm gonna shoot another hostage every 60 seconds until you send in the cop. every 60 seconds. who's next? huh? he's threatening to shoot more hostages unless he has will. screw this. i'm going in. no, you're not. we are. who's the lucky one? nah. nah. nah. nah. nah. you! no!
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[sobbing] no. pick it up. come on. what's your name? no, please. tell him your name! annie. it's annie. you hang in there, annie. help is on the way. you got about 30 seconds, annie. i hope agent rossi doesn't make me shoot you, too. you ok? yes. hey, you. come over here. it's ok. no, i-- just let the women and children go. they don't need to see this. [chris laughs] pretty soon they're gonna be doing a lot more than just seeing. annie! you just got yourself a reprieve. get in line over there. we got a new contender.
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let's go! go, go, go! [indistinct] what is he doing? no. no, no, no. no, no. morgan-- let me go, please! i can't do that. will! will! will! will...stop. my name is matthew downs. huh. queen: look. let these people go. all right, you, you, and you. the kids. get out. got 3 coming out. hold your fire. thank you. hey. what's your name?
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,,,,,, i thought of something else we need fwhat's that? it's a 200 watts per channel dynamically balanced surround sound wireless baby monitor... with a sub wolfer. good idea you should also probably have this fuschia leather diaper clutch. (coughing) "buy it" (in agreement) yea for little diapers. tiny smart vo: from the new to the hard-to-find: when it's on your mind, it's on ebay™. did you see where he was shot? is he alive or dead, garcia? i don't know. he was wearing a vest. he might be ok.
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might be. they're not answering. all right, we need to get inside. jj, it's too risky. we don't have eyes in there anymore. aaron... let's go in. hold your hands right there. right there. what are you doing? a dead cop isn't going to be much of a negotiation tool. huh. boss, are you good with this? what? yeah, fine. you ok? i shouldn't have done that. they're never gonna let us out of here now. who knows? maybe they'll save him and he'll be our ticket out of here.
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you took my advice. how's that? you didn't go for the kill shot. hmm. right. i need to check the back again. there's gotta be an escape we haven't thought of. ok. his blood pressure's dropping. hold that. are you holding it as tight as you can? yeah. how's jj? it's bad, reid. i should be there. we've learned everything we can from here. no, you can help more by helping me. there's a lot to got over and your brain works faster than mine. seeing what's going on outside doesn't help us inside. kevin, can you possibly pull up each of the surveillance feeds prior to will being shot? sure. what are we looking for? the female unsub disappeared once before. if she was looking for an escape, what was she doing? [will groans] i'm sorry. keep the pressure. keep the pressure. the pain won't kill him, but the loss of blood could.
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just hang in there, buddy. are you armed? no. damn. i think we might have something of a chance here. what? the girl's gone, and the guy's off his head. he doesn't know who to trust. we can work them against each other. wait, are you a cop? a former marine. you gotta listen to me. i need you to get a message to my girlfriend. all right, you can tell her yourself when we get you out of here. only i'm not getting out. you need someone to cause a distraction. [groans] her name is jennifer, and she's a federal agent. you tell her i'm sorry. sorry? don't you want to tell her you love her or something? she already knows that. the woman.
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what happened to her? aren't you dead yet? you can't trust her. she's taking orders from someone else. no, she takes orders from me. look around. any second agents are gonna storm into this place, and the only bad guy i see is you. she's setting you up to take the fall for this, boy. that's not true. then where is she? she's back there. huh. all right. you. come here. i'll show you. go on. come on! where are they going? he's giving us our chance. we've got movement. somebody's coming out. be ready. it's hostages. copy. standing by for entry.
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what the hell are you doing down here? calm down. you'll find out soon. tell me. we're going in. [indistinct radio communication] she was following the electrical lines... gas mains. oh, no. garcia, get them out of there! abort! abort!
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